Instant Tai Chi : Exercises and Guidance for Everyday Wellness by Ronnie Robinson – Book Overview

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If you are living in a place where groups of people gather to practice Tai Chi in the public spaces, moving gracefully through a series of postures to soothing music, it must have piqued your interest.

In that case, the book “Instant Tai Chi : Exercises and Guidance for Everyday Wellness” by author Ronnie Robinson can be of excellent help to get a quick introduction to the ancient Chinese exercise technique and get you started.

About The Author

The late Ronnie Robinson was a pioneer of Tai chi and Qigong in Europe. He conducted regular classes and seminars across Europe and the USA. With his immense experience and knowledge, he gives practical insight into the practice that can improve physical and mental wellbeing in this 128-page book.

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Breaking Up Chapter-Wise

  • Chapter 1 & 2

Chapter 1 and 2 gives a brief understanding of the background and the principles of Tai Chi. You will find this quite a fascinating read, getting to know how this ancient practice evolved over centuries.

  • Chapter 3

The 3rd chapter addresses the practicalities involved with the practice such as,
– Who is tai chi suitable for?
– What are the benefits?
– How to prepare yourself for the practice?

  • Chapter 4

Chapter 4 explains the “Hand Form” which is a series of postures performed as a seamlessly flowing sequence. Further, the author explains the movements clearly in a manner suitable for beginners using step-by-step instructions along with corresponding images.

  • Chapter 5

The final chapter, chapter 5 focuses on “Tai Chi in Everyday Life” where the author explains how you can apply the principles of Tai Chi in daily life to keep you centred and grounded amidst the stressors in life.

Additionally, you would also get motivated by inspirational quotes and proverbs printed in between chapters such as,

“A wise man adapts himself to circumstances, as water shapes itself to the vessel that contains it”.

Note: The author has also published a series of tai chi videos on his YouTube channel, which you can use to complement your reading.

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