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Would you like to write for us? Great!

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We accept Articles on health from Guests and publish them as Guest Posts on our website. So, if you wish to share your knowledge on any topic related to health and wellness, this is the place for you!

We are currently accepting guest posts from authors on the health, wellness, and fitness niche. And, your work will be featured on the website and our social media.

A brief note on the kinds of articles you can write for us:

In line with our goal to document all health-related knowledge and create awareness, we look for content related to health and wellness. The following section gives you a glimpse of who all can write for us on topics related to physical and mental health and well-being.

Health experts

We value your knowledge and experience and would love to share them with our readers. Be it about unusual symptoms one should watch out for to prevent diseases or treatments available for various health issues, you can write for us about it.

We accept articles from experts in the mainstream medicinal fields as well as experts working in alternative and complementary medicine. Any medicine system that provides effective solutions is welcome.

As healthcare professionals, you may not have enough time to write an article. So instead, you can send us an audio or video, and we shall transcribe and convert it into a guest post on health.

Wellness experts

Experts who focus on physical and mental well-being are more than welcome to share inputs/advice/tips/guidance with our readers. We accept not only articles but videos too!


Do you have tried and tested home remedies up your sleeve? Or are you someone that follows many prevention strategies based on grandma’s wisdom?

Would you love to share the knowledge? You are most welcome! Just write for us the home remedies for various health problems. We would be more than happy to publish the valuable information on our website and share it with our readers.

We know there are so many simple home remedies that work great for many common problems. And, who knows it better than homemakers and parents, the ones who deal with such issues all the time!

And, there is another area where those who run their homes can contribute – Healthy Recipes. We believe “Food is medicine” and health starts in our kitchen. So, be it age-old traditional grandmother’s recipe or more contemporary diet recipes, pen it down!!

Green thumbs, anyone?

Are you a plant parent? Would you like to spread your knowledge? 

We welcome avid gardeners who grow anything from everyday veggies, herbs and more to share the intricacies of growing plants at home. What better than to grow our own produce for our family and close the distance between farm to table, one of the pressing environmental concerns of our age. And, the miracle of simple herbs cannot be undermined, which are the core of most effective home remedies. Plus, we know gardening is great for mental health too!

Allow your enthusiasm to motivate many to take up gardening by writing for us!

Real-life stories

Have you overcome or effectively manage any physical or mental illness?

If so, you can share your journey with our readers and us and serve as an inspiration to many. Remember, what worked for you might help many others in a similar situation. We are sure your story will serve as a ray of hope for those struggling with a similar health issue.

Find it hard to come up with an article all by yourself?

Fret not; we got your back. Write to us about the topic you wish to write about. We shall provide you with guiding questions that you can answer in a jiffy to come up with a well-constructed article that will be useful to the readers.

We will also help you with the presentation of your article, so no worries there too!

Also, if you are more comfortable talking than writing, you can talk about the topic and send us the audio. Then, we will convert it into an article.

As we aim to spread awareness about health and wellness, we would also be willing to add a link to any of your upcoming events or books you have published, etc., as long as it is an excellent value add to our readers.

So, why wait. Contact us here.

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