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Wellness is not a luxury. Every one of us deserves to live well. And there is no single path to wellness.

It is, in fact, overwhelming about the many health conditions and the various treatment and therapy options available.

At Love4wellness, we have taken up this seemingly simple yet humongous work of creating a repository of health and wellness information. Here you can find forgotten grandma remedies, indigenous natural remedies, ancient medicine treatments, alternative medicine, and complementary therapies. You can also find nutritional information about herbs, plants, fruits, and other foods that most of us eat without really knowing the medicinal value they have.

Living with nature has worked well with our ancestors. They ate that will nurture their health and prevent health problems. And when they had health problems, they again ate that will cure. For them, Food Was Medicine And Prevention Was Better Than Cure. For us too, you would agree it is true! Hence, we embarked on this journey of looking for things that are great for your health and those that would help manage, treat, and heal health problems and conditions.

So, yes, this is our story; this is our mission. And, our vision is to rope in like-minded experts in our journey. We believe, only with such a vision our mission will become a reality!


Founding Team

Jansi Rani Alamelu Mangai, Technical Head, Love4wellness

“Working for Love4wellness is one of the best things I have done. The learning is tremendous; my knowledge, maturity, compassion towards humankind, and gratitude to life increase by the day. What started as a curious search for home remedies that I could use for myself and my family has acquired a greater purpose!”

Jansi Rani Alamelu Mangai, Technical Head

Born in a small town in South India, she grew in the void of the modern world, spent holidays amidst fields and cattle, which seems a luxury to kids nowadays, and got her bachelor’s in Engineering. With about 5 years of career as a Software engineer, she took a break before embarking on content creation. Being a wellness enthusiast partly by the passion for living well and partly by a desire to grow her children well, it was natural to start Love4wellness.

Lavanya Lakshmi Nandakumar, Creative Head, Love4wellness

“My quest towards wellness led to creating the fantastic website you see now, where we attempt to bring out solutions from no one medicine system but from all possible places, be it your kitchen or garden. I hope the Love4wellness.com serves as the reference point for your health and wellness journey!”

Lavanya Lakshmi Nandakumar, Creative Head

Lavanya’s father was an ardent believer of natural medicine and is a testimony to “Food is medicine”. Inspired by her father, she was fascinated with natural remedies and, with her volunteering experience, knows therapies work very well in instances such as rehabilitation and mental health. From her college days in engineering, Lavanya is never short of ideas, and often we struggle to keep track of them, and a few of them are actually marvellous.

Our Esteemed Wellbeing Contributors

Our content, in the form of text, images and videos, is either created by experts or reviewed by experts. Below are our contributors of wellness content.

Before we take leave, a few words of hope…

Both our ancient medicines and modern medicine reiterate the power of your mind.

What you think, that you become. And, this applies to your health as well. Not everyone has everything. So, when you are in bad health, please do not fret about it. Along with remedies or medications, firmly believe that you will be well. And you will be well!

And, remember to live closer to nature. Listen to birds chirping, feel the wind blowing, walk barefoot on the soil, get under the sun, and eat locally grown seasonal foods.

Cherish the wellness around you! Take Care!

Please support us by spreading the knowledge you find here 🙂

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