Hello there!

We hope you are happy and well!

Because you are here, we know you also are a wellness enthusiast like us and want to be aware of natural remedies and cures to live well. Live well- does it mean flaunting a fab body and flat abs. Not at all! We mean you enjoy all that you do in your life and feel the wellness in your body and mind.

How does that happen? Be mindful in everything you do. When you are conscious about what you do, you would most likely do the right thing! And, that is precisely what we do!

Who are we? 

We are two homemakers, engineers by education, wellness enthusiasts by passion. We come from families who lived in villages close to nature, using fresh farm produce to prepare each meal. With neither money nor access to medicinal facilities, they always dealt with health concerns right at home, using simple home remedies. And we got to see them age gracefully while leading a full life. But our parents moved to towns for work, which led to us not having the healthy living they had though the cities offered all other creature comforts.

And it shows, especially once middle-age happened. The health curve had its own ups and downs. When the downs were unbearably down, and we popped some pills for immediate relief. But, lo, the relief was temporary, and the downs became a constant!

Meanwhile, like all mothers, we also went through some harrowing experiences with our kids during bouts of cold, cough, fever, or diarrhoea. We also faced the dilemmas of ‘Should I give so many antibiotics or instead, use home remedies that would not have side effects on my baby?’ Will the home remedies work? If they don’t, will the condition aggravate, causing my baby more harm? Etc, etc., etc.!

And when we did use natural remedies, we’ve had some good experiences, and some bad experiences too! So, we started looking for remedies that give sustained relief. And that is how we turned to wellness enthusiasts! 

What do we want to share with you?

Over the few years when we tried home remedies ourselves, we found that every region has several treatments using region-specific ingredients. Such cures that our grandma probably used extensively have gotten lost, almost! 

In this journey, we also found something interesting. That, there are many like us looking for sustainable remedies, and they love natural therapies and treatments. We also found there are several remedies that can rightly be called treasure.

So, it was a compelling thirst for us to document such information so that the coming generations would not lose such knowledge. And when the Covid-19 pandemic hit, it was all the push we needed to make sure such important information is shared widely and thus was born!

Hence, on the website, you can find excellent home remedies and impressive nutritional profiles of herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables. Also, you will discover ancient treatment methods of Ayurveda, TCM, Siddha and more…

Why should you believe our content?

Most of the posts are based on our own experiences. When they are not from our personal experiences, we either write after thorough research or get the information from an expert or get it written by an expert! We are transparent about the potential risks of remedies and treatments. We work with responsibility, and we are committed to producing only authentic information. 

What is our mission and vision?

Our mission is to well-document the might-get-lost natural remedies on our website so that it can be a dependable repository of health remedies. Our vision is to rope in like-minded experts in our journey. We believe, only with such a vision our mission will become a reality!

Please support us by spreading the knowledge you find here 🙂

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