Sugarcane juice is best consumed within 15 minutes of preparing it; otherwise, it might have adverse effects on your stomach.

Don't consume after 15 minutes of preparation


Low in calories, sugarcane juice is not recommended to drink every day because it might result in unwanted weight loss.

Don't drink everyday


Since sugarcane has a low glycemic index, it is suitable for consumption by people with diabetes. In fact, there are references to traditional medicine systems using it in diabetes treatment. However, because of its high sugar content, the diabetics and prediabetics are better to exercise caution.

Don't consume if you have diabetes


Sugarcane juice might cause blood thinning, hence those on blood-thinning medication should consult your doctor if it is alright to consume sugar cane juice.

Don't consume if you are on blood thinning medication


Sugarcane juice is best consumed during noon and to be avoided at night.

Don't consume during night

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