Quiz On Siddha, An Ancient Medical System Of India

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India is widely popular for its rich culture and heritage. The country boasts of incredible medical systems as well, such as Ayurveda and Siddha.

These ancient medical systems are gaining popularity for their ability to cure chronic illnesses and their efficacy to prevent diseases. In fact, in recent decades, the scientific population has started showing interest as well in Ayurvedic and Siddha medicines and many research are being done.

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Here is a quiz on Siddha medical system. Play to know how much you know about Siddha.


Quiz on Siddha

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Siddha medicine has its origins in the __

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Siddha medicines are made of __

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Siddha medicine system believes in the principle of __

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Diagnosis in Siddha medicine includes an examination of the voice of the patient.

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Which of the below commonly available foods are used in the management of hypertension in Siddha?

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Annabethi chenthuram is used in Siddha medicine generally to treat__

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One of the Siddha medicine used in the treatment of Peptic ulcer is__

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Which of the below is recommended in Siddha for diabetes management?

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