Is Reversing Diabetes Possible? George King Says Yes

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Reverse Your Diabetes In 12 Weeks | Author: George L.King, M.D. with Royce Flippin | Book Review | 

Diabetes proves to be a bane of society across the world in this century. Shockingly, even those who are young fall prey to this deadly disease. The real issue is, there is no “cure” so far, but only “management techniques” available, which can make life a lot harder.

Thus, with so many restrictions in place and dependency on medicine, the constant worry over diabetes-related complications can take a mental toll on anyone with this condition.

Is it possible to reverse diabetes?

Author and doctor George L.King says Yes.

The recent years have been witnessing an increased interest in complementary medicine in treating chronic diseases such as diabetes; several research studies are happening in several parts of the world. And, there are promising results too.

The Chief Scientific Officer of the Joslin Diabetes Center, Harvard Medical School, George L.King, M.D., has authored the book “Reverse your diabetes in 12 weeks”. In the book, he talks about reversing diabetes based on scientific evidence.

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Who is the book for?

The book provides guidelines on how to prevent and control diabetes, and how to reverse the condition based on scientific research.

If you are at risk of diabetes, or prediabetic or diabetic, this is a book that you would want to read as it could prove helpful in determining your plan of action with respect to diabetes. But of course, the book could serve as a good read for anyone who seeks information on preventing diabetes. The book can potentially help you cross-check if your current lifestyle practices make you susceptible to diabetes and make changes accordingly.

So, what is great about the book Reverse Diabetes in 12 weeks?

Most of the information in the book is similar to what most of us would have probably come across related to fighting diabetes such as

  • eating fibre rich food
  • exercising
  • reducing body weight
  • getting enough sleep, etc. 

However, the book not only mentions such best health practices but also explains how to go about it in a scientifically proven manner to achieve the desired results (reverse diabetes). You will also understand WHY you need to adopt such changes. A better understanding would help you stay motivated and stick to your new lifestyle to see positive effects.

What other information can the reader get from the book?

You can also get to know about Rural Asian diet, brown fat and more when you read the book. The author speaks high about the rural Asian diet that can help to reverse diabetes. The author also busts popular myths and misconceptions surrounding lifestyle choices good health such as,

  • A high-fat diet is good for your body
  • Carbs are the villains when it comes to preserving health
  • All you need is one “seven-minute” intense workout every day
  • Aerobic exercise extending beyond 20 minutes is a waste

Part two gives you the strategies to follow:

The first part of the book explains the factors affecting your glucose metabolism and how to tackle those factors. Once you gain a fair understanding of diabetes, the glucose metabolism, and the affecting factors, it is time to focus on putting the learning to good use by following the strategies recommended in part two of the book. 

Part two starts with a quiz on identifying the area of focus based on your individual needs. Accordingly, you will be able to determine the strategy to be adopted. This process will help you figure where you are currently and how to take it forward from there. The author then proceeds to equip you with practical guidelines and tips to be followed during the 12 weeks to achieve the goals in a sustainable manner.

Thus, the book is educational not only about the health practices to follow to reverse diabetes but also about the condition and its causes. It is indeed a good read and is worth a try.

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