Alternanthera sessilis

A Wonderful Medicinal Plant

The simple plant has been a part of traditional  as well as  folk medicine

Two varieties are available: one with green leaves and other with pink leaves. Both are good to consume and offer the same benefits

The leaves and tender stems are consumed as a vegetable in various regions of Asia as a part of the regular diet.

Adding the cooked leaves in your diet regularly offers you several benefits

Promotes Hair Growth

A good source of plant protein, consuming the leaves  twice a week promotes hair growth

Improves milk secretion in lactating mothers

Consuming the cooked leaves and soft stems increase breast milk secretion in lactating mothers

'Poonnanganni', the Tamil vernacular name of this plant, literally means 'Golden eye'. Regular intake of the cooked leaves can treat many eye problems and improves vision

Improves Eyesight

Being high in minerals and iron, consuming cooked leaves twice a week will promote intellectual health

Promotes Intellect

Regular consumption of the leaves improves Digestion and is effective in treating Pile symptoms, Constipation, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Treats Stomach Issues

     Topical application of the       the paste made from the       leaves is used to treat       wounds. The same can treat      the sting from insects too

Treats Wounds and Insect bites/stings

Ayurveda: Matsyakshi Unani: Machechi, Panachooni Siddha: Ponnanganni TCM: Xia Qiao Cai, Man Ti Xian, Lian Zi Cao


English: Sessile joy weed, dwarf copperleaf Hindi: Gudrisag, Garundi Telugu: Ponnagantikura Kannada: Honagonesoppu Malayalam: Meenamgani, Ponnankannikkira Bengali: Chanchi, Haicha, Sachishak Manipuri: Phakchet Assamese: Matikaduri Marathi: Kanchari, Koypa Indonesian: DaunTolod Malaysia: Keremak Sinhalese: Mukunuwenna


Incorporate this excellent plant (leaves and stems cooked until soft) two to three times a week, and enjoy the many benefits it offers