Add These Home Remedies To Your Diabetes Management Plan

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At A Glance: Many ask if diabetes can be reversed. The common reasons for diabetes are poor diet and inadequate physical activity. With informed lifestyle changes such as incorporating diabetes-friendly diet and moderate exercise, you can manage diabetes well; however, you need to be consistent in your lifestyle choices if you don’t want to get back the condition. The article briefs four functional and effective diabetic home remedies that you can incorporate in your diabetes management plan.

The global prevalence of diabetes has been growing year after year; and, this is a cause of concern because the condition manifests itself into several other medical problems affecting various organs.

There is good news, though.

Diabetes Can Be Managed With Home Remedies

Being a lifestyle disease, changes to lifestyle in the right direction can help mitigate the effects of the condition to a large extent.

Furthermore, if you have recently been diagnosed with diabetes or with pre-diabetes; the chances are high that lifestyle changes, including good diet and moderate exercise, can keep your blood sugar well under control.

A few questions worth answering before we get into the home remedies.

1. Can you reverse diabetes with home remedies?

The answer is yes, and no!

Making the right lifestyle choices and sticking to them is the key if you want to stay away from diabetes. You can incorporate a few home remedies in your daily routine, which will help in keeping your blood sugar levels under control.

2. Can a normal healthy person also follow The mentioned home remedies?

Yes, an otherwise healthy person can follow the below-mentioned home remedies; for, apart from being anti-diabetic remedies, they offer you several other health benefits as well. Also, they do not cause any trouble.

3. Is there any precaution to take before incorporating the home remedies, when I am on diabetes medications?

Yes, there is. The home remedies work by either increasing your body’s efficiency to use up glucose or decreasing your body’s insulin resistance, thus effectively lowering blood glucose levels.

Your diabetic medications will be already be lowering your glucose levels. The home remedies too might be lowering your glucose levels; hence, if you are taking diabetic medications, you need to consult your doctor before using the remedies as they may dangerously lower sugar levels when taken along with medications.

4. Can I stop my medications and try the home remedies alone?

No. You should not stop your medications altogether. If you want to stop medications, you and your doctor should work closely monitoring your sugar levels while you try out home remedies. Doing it on your own can be dangerous.

Now, getting back to the home remedies, following are a few simple and effective herbal home remedies that you can easily fit into your diabetes management plan.

Infographic on effective home remedies for diabetes

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Okra aka lady’s finger:

Image of Okra or Lady's finger

Often, people with diabetes more likely have high cholesterol levels too. Okra aka lady’s finger, with high fibre content and antioxidants, can lower cholesterol levels, and hence is an effective home remedy for people with diabetes as well.

The efficacy of okra in diabetes management is established in both contemporary and traditional medicine systems. Hence, regular consumption of okra can be one of the simplest home remedies to manage your diabetes and keep your sugar levels in check, especially considering the fact it is a readily available vegetable.

How to consume?

One of the easiest ways to take okra daily is to drink okra water. Add cut up pieces of okra to a glass of water and allow it to rest overnight. Drink this preparation in the morning on an empty stomach. You can expect the drink to be slightly bitter, so be prepared for it mentally.


Image of a spoonful of fenugreek or methi seeds

High in soluble fibre, fenugreek seeds, can slow down digestion and reduce the rate of absorption of carbohydrates and sugar. The seeds also decrease insulin resistance helping your cells absorb glucose effectively and thus reducing blood sugar levels.

Consuming fenugreek seeds regularly also increases HDL and decreases triglycerides

Thus, fenugreek seeds as a diabetic remedy can not only help lower blood sugar levels but also reduces bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol.

How to consume?

You can soak a teaspoonful of fenugreek powder in hot water; allow it to steep for a while and then consume this warm drink as a tea.

Alternatively, similar to okra water, you can prepare fenugreek water by soaking a teaspoonful of fenugreek seeds in a glass of water overnight and drink it in the morning on an empty stomach, which is equally effective.

Bitter gourd / bitter melon:

Image of bitter gourd/bitter melon vegetable with a glass of bitter gourd juice

Bitter gourd has a few active compounds, including an insulin-like chemical that lowers blood sugar levels naturally. Consuming this vegetable is perhaps one of the most commonly known diabetes home remedies, having become more noticeable owing to the successful outcome in numerous research studies conducted to test its efficacy in this regard.

How to consume?

The easiest way to incorporate bitter melon as a part of your diabetes management plan is to drink bittergourd juice. You can prepare this juice by simply blending a bitter gourd with a glass of water. But drinking this can be tough because as the name implies, the juice can be very bitter.

If that is the case, you can try to include bittermelon as a part of your lunch or dinner plate in the form of tasty stir-fry vegetable (with less oil) or curry.


Image of Senna Auriculata/Tanner's cassia flower

Avarampoo is yet another excellent anti-diabetic herb. This beautiful yellow flower blooms on a wild shrub called Avaram Senna. 

  • Scientific name: Senna Auriculata
  • English name: Tanner’s cassia

Consuming Avarampoo tea produces insulin naturally and hence is an effective home remedy for diabetes. The flower finds extensive use in ancient medicine systems of South India.

How to consume?

You can either procure fresh flowers if it is available in your locality or purchase readymade powder. Boil around 5 of the flowers or if you are using the powder, a teaspoon in water to prepare avarampoo tea. Consuming this tea regularly can help keep diabetes under control.

Final Word

As you can see, all you need to do is add any one of the above options to your routine to stay healthy while being diabetic by maintaining your blood sugar levels. The mentioned diabetic home remedies will be extremely beneficial for those who are recently diagnosed with diabetes or are with pre-diabetes. Consult with your physician to identify the one that would suit you the best so that you don’t encounter any unwanted adverse effects. Furthermore, including such herbal remedies as a part of your regular diet can not only help with diabetes but bring about a host of other health benefits too!


Do not attempt to try all home remedies at once. You can choose a couple of them and incorporate on alternate days.


The home remedies mentioned either increase your body’s efficiency to use up glucose or decrease your body’s insulin resistance, thus effectively lowering blood glucose levels. However, if you are taking diabetic medications, you need to consult your doctor before using the remedies as they may dangerously lower sugar levels. Also, note, the dosage instructions are for reference purpose only, and it is recommended you consult with your doctor on the dosage most suitable for you.

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