Kashayam-An Effective Home Remedy For Common Cold

Poornima Devi
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Some illnesses are not serious but can be very annoying. The common cold is one such illness. A sore throat or a bout of sneezing or a mild headache can be a symptom of Common cold. Quite a common ailment, Common cold can occur at any time of the year. The causes can range from an allergy to a viral or bacterial infection.

If you start treating your cold symptoms as soon as they start appearing, there is a good amount of chance that it will go away quite early. To not let the infection aggravate into your lower respiratory tract is the key here.

In ancient India, Kashayam (decoction brewed by boiling a combination of herbs in water) is used as a medicine to treat various health problems. Such herbal decoctions are easy to make and can effectively treat illnesses. Here is one such herbal medicine that can treat Common cold. It is so simple that you can prepare at home and the ingredients are easily available too!

Watch this video on the simple home remedy for a common cold. If you would rather read as an article, go on 🙂

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Recipe For Kashayam To Treat Common Cold:


  • Tulsi – 5 leaves (chopped)
  • Betel leaves – 1 (chopped)
  • Pepper – 2 (crushed)
  • Garlic – 1 clove (crushed)
  • Water – 3 cups

Preparation method:

  1. Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl.
  2. After mixing the ingredients well, place it on a stove in medium heat.
  3. Once the mixture starts boiling, allow it to simmer till the quantity reduces by half.
  4. Filter it and serve the decoction (Kashayam) warm.

This herbal decoctionAyurvedic texts call it Kashayam– is safe for children above two years old. An extra tip, for the loving mothers out there; add some honey to the warm decoction. Your child would love to take it without any fuss. And, in a day or two, the symptoms of common cold would disappear.

Other Instructions:

  1. Do not reheat the decoction; the preparation is for single use only.
  2. 15 ml of medicine can be consumed three times a day.
  3. If the symptoms seem to aggravate or do not reduce, visit a doctor.

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