Homeopathy Medical System – How Much Do You Know?

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Homeopathy is an alternative medicine system that was developed some 200 years ago. This medical system is widely used to treat several conditions, including chronic conditions like Allergy, Respiratory illnesses, Arthritis, and IBS, among others.

Here is a quiz to test your knowledge on Homeopathy which has followers across the world.


Quiz on Homeopathy

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Where did Homeopathy originate?

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The basic principle of Homeopathy is popularly known by the phrase,

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Who is considered the Father of Homeopathy medicine?

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Homeopathy can be effective in the treatment of __

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With homeopathy medication, your symptoms might get worse before you get better.

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World Homeopathy day is celebrated on __

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Homeopathy medicines contain heavy metals and steroids. This statement is a __

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Homeopathy medicines are prepared using ___

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Homeopathy preparations tend to be given in___

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A common homeopathic remedy Nux vomica is typically used in the treatment of __

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Which of the following remedies may be prescribed for treating common cold?

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