Ayurveda For Wellness – Where Do I Start?

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Are you one of those people who have been longing to achieve your wellness goals the Ayurveda way? Most likely, you are contemplating a visit to an Ayurveda doctor. But, when your health issues are minor such as abdominal bloating or gastric problems, you would not want to consult an Ayurveda expert yet. If this is you, then read on.

Holistic medicine has long been an attractive arena for many. Before delving into Ayurveda cure and remedies, it is important to gain a basic understanding and see if Ayurveda is for you. There seems to be no shortage of resources available on the internet. However, you may find it challenging to navigate the myriad of information out there.

So, how do you go about it? Where to start? Following are a few ways of getting yourself introduced to Ayurveda and find out how the ancient medicine system can help you in terms of wellness.

1. Take An Ayurveda Dosha Quiz

Dosha quiz is readily available in Ayurveda books as well as on the internet. The quiz would let you know what predominant body type you are, among the three Ayurveda body types.

The first-timers will find it surprising as the dosha quiz results will exactly reflect your health issues. It is as if talking to someone who has known you for years. It also enables you to understand what are the imbalances you have at present. You would also gain insight into the focus areas related to your diet, exercise, sleep, and other lifestyle factors.

For example, as part of healthy living, you might have started incorporating raw salad in your diet. But this could be counterproductive if you are of Vata dosha (an Ayurveda body type) and maybe the reason you are having gastric issues. Similarly, if you are the Kapha type, you might need intense exercise, so even if you walk for miles, it would not help achieve your fitness goals. 

Thus, learning what suits best for you as an individual through the dosha quiz can be an effective first step in your ‘Ayurveda for wellness’ journey.

Want to test how much you know about Ayurveda? Take this Quiz

2. Educate Yourself About Food Combining Rules Of Ayurveda

A brief look at the food combining rules prescribed by Ayurveda would be another practical way for you to start. Initially, you might find it shocking to know that we do so many things wrong concerning how we consume food.

Ayurveda - Food Combining Rules

For example, Ayurveda does not recommend combining fruits with any other food. This means fruit milkshakes, flavoured yogurt, fruits in morning cereal with milk are not the right way to consume food. Similarly, it is bad to combine cheese with grains and vegetables, which means even if you order your pizza loaded with veggie toppings thinking it is healthy, it is not good for your stomach! Such improper food combinations are among the primary reasons for all the digestive issues we face on a daily basis.

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Though it will initially take a certain amount of effort to make the changes in your food habits, once you do, you will have a significant positive impact on your body. Once you understand the Ayurveda food combining rules, you can tailor your diet based on your dosha type as well to enjoy optimal health. The knowledge so far would help you go further along in your path to seek a healthy living. Besides, you can look for Ayurveda books on wellness that can help you learn more about the Ayurveda way of eating and obtain a solid foundation on this aspect.

3. Learn And Practice Yoga

Ayurveda and yoga are considered sister sciences. After you take the dosha quiz, you would know what your body type is. Specific poses and pranayama breathing techniques will be suggested according to your Ayurveda body type, and practising them gives you a lot of health benefits.

This does not mean you should not practise other poses, but the specific ones focus on correcting imbalances in your body and hence give you results. You will able to understand the level of intensity, pace, and duration of practice most suitable for YOU eventually.

Practicing Yoga
Yoga- Sister Science of Ayurveda (Image by Couleur from Pixabay)

If you have already been practising yoga, you can try these poses suggested for your dosha. Alternatively, you can either find a yoga studio near you or look for online/virtual classes to learn and practice yoga. However, you must keep in mind that learning all the poses and pranayama techniques will not happen overnight. It takes discipline to learn and practice yoga to your fullest potential.

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The TakeAway

The ancient medicinal practice of Ayurveda promises you health and wellness with cures and remedies based on your body type. The suggestions above help you gain the basic understanding that you wish to have and offer the reassurance that Ayurveda may well work to achieve your wellness goals.

However, all of this would help you at the primary level. The next and best step is to consult an Ayurveda doctor, which needs further exploration to find the right one. As they say, achieving good health and wellbeing is a journey, with many pathways, we could do nothing but try! For many of you, it would be worth the try!

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